“Your Story” Poster

PepsiCo (While working for MCM Creative agency)

The brief was to design a poster to let PepsiCo staff know that MCM Creative Group were now working with PepsiCo, as video content creators. The posters would be put up in PepsiCo offices, with A6 Postcards of the design left around the office. MCM wanted to create a parody of an easily recognisable movie poster and launch their partnership in a friendly and approachable way.

We decided to use Toy Story for the Parody poster, as it’s very recognisable and friendly. I had great fun creating the poster, replicating the Toy Story style. We added the tagline “With a New Friend, Comes a New Adventure”, which worked not only with the parody, but also implies the great new possibilities available when collaborating with MCM. I really enjoy a group brainstorming session, and helping to make the best outcome for a brief.