Theseus Brochure


To brand a residential property portfolio based on the name “Theseus”. I had to design a template, with layouts that all properties should follow, adding in the content as it became ready. I worked on this project from the beginning, creating the initial branding concept, then developing the colours, and typeface choices, through amends to the final design, unfortunately it printed after I’d left, so I am showing mockup of the final print, based on the last version I created.

 I took the name Theseus back to it’s roots, being a fan of mythology, I remembered that Theseus was a character in Greek mythology who defeated the Minotaur in it’s labyrinth. So I used a classical style serif typeface in all capitals for the cover and main headings, with a labyrinth style ornament to sit beneath it as a nod to the myth. I used marble textures for the covers and stand out spreads, incorporating the labyrinth theme where I could use it to effect, also using pastels and greys as the colour palette to complement the marble textures.