Tétris Christmas Video


To create a short branded Christmas video for Tétris, with a free rein over the initial concept for the video, whilst ensuring it wasn’t too religious, to respect the range of beliefs held by Tétris staff, associates, customers and potential customers. I really appreciated the chance to stretch myself and learn a new skill.

Having created a few simple videos for Tétris already, and worked through some training Tutorials in AfterEffects, I was keen to experiment a bit with this video. So I sketched out a storyboard, and worked from there. I had the idea of a Christmas jumper style design for the video, using elements and colours from the logo. The isometric blocks from the logo lent themselves to this, and I created reindeer, wreaths etc, in the lovely reds from the branding, I also made snowflakes using colours from the secondary colour palette to fall like snow in the video. The video was translated into 4 additional languages, which I also created. The design was then adapted across various email banners etc. I created a further, much more complicated 4 Minute long video for Tétris for an internal event they held to celebrate their achievements from 2019, ask to see this if you’d like to see more video.

Stills from the video on the right, Watch the video here on YouTube

Tétris Christmas video Screenshot 1
Watch the video here on YouTube


Tétris Christmas video Screenshot 2


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LinkedIn New Year Tie-in Banner


Christmas email banner-v2-RDeer-ENG
Email Banners

Christmas email banner-v2-RDeer-ES

Christmas email banner-v2-RDeer-FR

Christmas email banner-v2-RDeer-IT

Christmas email banner-v2-RDeer-PL