Take a fresh look at Mecca

Mecca Bingo (Part of the Rank Group)

The brief was for an overarching design for April 2016, which would convey the message “Take a fresh look at Mecca” which summarised the many improvements being made across the board, from improvements to gaming in club, new games online, as well as new new food and drink menus in club. It was a cross-channel promotion, retail (bingo clubs), digital assets for the website, as well as the apps and social media. The design would have to be adaptable, it would be the theme for most of the promotions for that month. The design needed to be “Fresh, fun and engaging”.

The idea needed to be a bit abstract, as we weren’t allowed to show the clubs or games etc, so I designed the concept around glasses, and the idea was that the glasses could themselves be a vessel for design elements, as well as using the view in the glasses and a plain background to draw your attention to the view in the glasses. Although the concept was mine, the design was finished by the Lead Creative, as I had other tasks to work on when the feedback returned from the first concepts.

Initial website mockup for concept.
Final poster design.