Lapland 2018

Freedom Travel (While working for MCM Creative agency)

The brief was to create an Olympics style identity and collateral for an event taking place in Lapland. The work I created was for the pitch, after the logo had been created, to show how we could take the theme and identity and run with it.

There were 2 kinds of visuals needed for the pitch, event collateral and merchandising. The attendees of the conference were to be given a bag of branded, olympics themed items, and we provided some potential ideas for these items. I took the logo and then extended it out to create the event branding. The main theme in the logo was the northern lights style lines, so I used that as a basis for the designs. For wayfinding signage I created potential flag designs, and for posters for talks I gave them the style of an olympic event.




A sports/gym bag to house the other giveaways.
A mockup of an Olympic style medal that would be handed to the attendees as a fun keepsake of the event, would be photo opportunities, where these would have acted as props.
Lanyards with large Olympic style ID cards, where the different segments of attendees would be tagged in different “teams”.


A mockup of a potential Olympic style mascot for the event.