Infinity 2018 London

Alibaba Cloud (While working for MCM Creative agency)

Alibaba Cloud are a prominent cloud services provider in Asia, but aren’t well known in the West, so they wanted to host a follow up to an event they held in Singapore in London to launch themselves here. The event was to be a large high tech launch with a big wow factor, and a music festival vibe. They wanted to have a new logo for the event, which linked to the sister conference in Singapore, and any cool high-tech ideas for the event itself.

I designed the logo for the event, which was a twist on the logo for their Singapore event logo, and used the infinity symbol to make London the focus. I created a series of concept visuals for the pitch including the, I also helped to collect a variety of moodboard images to support the concept. I searched for possible cool high tech entertainment suggestions for the event, including skateboarders with correlated half-pipe projections, live scrolling LED message streams and light projections on objects and water. I really enjoyed being a part of the brainstorming for the event, coming up with solutions beyond the design aspects, helping the team push forward.

The logo for the Singapore Infinity event.


The logo I designed for the London Infinity event, using their branding, and extending the original theme, but putting the focus on London.


One of the concept visuals I created using some retouching to show a possible check in system for the event.


A concept visual I collaborated on with an illustrator, who created the sketch, to help present a concept for the staging of the event.