Creative application/C.V

Personal project

I love origami and kirigami, so I decided to use my love of paper folding to create a fun summary of my C.V, portfolio and short application. I wanted it to be fun to look at and use, I would then send it to selected design agencies, or companies I’d like to work for. As many companies wont accept printed applications, only pdf’s, I also needed to make it easy for the person receiving it to assemble. The basis of the design is a really cool piece of paper folding called a tetratetraflexagon, I came across it when I was a child and have always loved making them, as it feels like magic.

Here is the final design, which helped me to get my last job. The amazing thing about the tetratetraflexigon is that once assembled it appears to be a 2 sided piece of paper, but in fact, it has 4, which can be revealed very simply.

The front page introduction and application, which I did entirely as hand drawn lettering.


The about me section, with hobbies and interests.


The portfolio page, which shows a few small images of my work.


The C.V. page with all my contact information included.


Here are the instructions I created to go with the design as the first page of the pdf I sent out, which explains how to print and assemble the design.