Christmas “Elfies”

Mecca Bingo (Part of The Rank Group)

To create a design to convey a full Christmas advent calendar of offers. Our team did a group brainstorming session, and having reviewed the requested assets for the campaign, which included window vinyls and a tall cardboard stand, I suggested creating some selfie opportunities.

These “Elfies” would create a great opportunity for social media exposure for Mecca, as the customers could be offered a prize for sharing the best Elfie pictures online. There are also party bookings in Mecca clubs, and photo booths and Santa hats etc are very popular at Christmas parties.

I suggested that we could create 2 sets of window vinyls, the costume parts (Santa hats, elf hats, reindeer antlers and red nose) and the call to action sticker below them which lets them know how to enter the competition. I suggested that as well as placing them on the doors, we could place them on the mirrors in the bathrooms, where women touching up their hair and make-up are likely to stop for selfies already. Here are some mockups I created to support the suggestion, which were met with much enthusiasm from the Mecca marketing team.




A close up of the round sticker.


Below is the mockup I created of the group “Elfie” cardboard stand.


Here is the mockup of my suggestion of creating a newspaper advert, where the customer could cut the face out and use the page to take an “Elfie”.