Asset Class Q3

Redington Ltd

Asset Class is a publication that Redington have been creating for 6 years. With a re-brand already in motion, there was no time or sense in re-branding it fully, so the key was to keep the core of the sub-brand and the style, whilst also making it less RED! Originally the red in Redington’s brand had been intended to be used as a highlight, but it had gradually increased to the point of being overwhelming, I returned it to it’s original purpose.

The theme of this edition was environmental/ecological (ESG), so I used lots of imagery along that theme showing lots of green and natural forms, which also represented the text it accompanied. I created a set of icons to represent different ideas expressed in the text, using an earthy/ecological theme.


The left page is an overview, and the right was a close up of how that would be implemented.


As this set of figures and charts shows returns, I decided to represent it with a harvest of strawberries, creating a metaphor.