Asset Class Q2

Redington Ltd

Asset Class is a publication that Redington have been creating for 6 years, before I was brought on this was always outsourced to a design agency, so this was their first attempt with an in-house designer. With a re-brand already in motion, there was no time or sense in re-branding it fully, so the key was to keep the core of the sub-brand and the style, whilst also making it less RED!¬†Originally the red in Redington’s brand had been intended to be used as a highlight, but it had gradually increased to the point of being overwhelming, I returned it to it’s original purpose.

Each Asset Class publication has a different theme, Q2 had a flight theme, it linked to another publication “Meeting Member Promises”, both used flight metaphors to compare pensions and investments to a “flight plan” there are many factors you need to consider to keep your plane/pension pot in the air successfully, thinking about the destination and the best way to get there. The cover specifically needed to show that from your starting point, there are a multitude of routes you can take. As asset class is more corporate than it’s sister publication Ampersand Institute I gave it a more corporate theme, and added the airplanes as paper airplanes and photographs, rather than the more informal/ playful theme of Meeting Member Promises.