Ampersand Institute: Meeting Member Promises

Redington Ltd

Ampersand Institute is a sub-brand of Redington under which they publish papers with the aim of sharing their knowledge for free. I was asked to create a new, much simpler design, with the theme of flight. There are going to be 4 papers published under this theme, as they show the 4 key challenges that need to be considered to create the perfect flight plan for people maintaining pensions schemes.

A new, more accessible style of publication, in which I had chosen and styled icons to represent the different sections and key points with a flight theme. Continuing the theme, there is even an airplane which shows the readers progress through the publication along the bottom of the page. I worked with the stakeholders on the project to work out what the most important facts were, and created simple infographics to represent them clearly and boldly.

I had great feedback from all over the business, from the co-founders, to the head of Social Media, who told me that the stats from the downloads of the piece showed that it had been very popular with prospective clients as well as our competitors.

The co-writer of the publication Dan Mikulskis gave this feedback:





Download the full version here: AI-MMP-P-Digital

Or check out the accompanying videos here: Link