AC Academy

AC Academy

The AC Academy is a charity that runs a wide range of music and arts education projects across the UK, helping 15,000 children per year. They posted online asking for designers to propose logo ideas to them, they asked for the logo to be colourful and they had given logo examples they liked which mostly used illustration alongside text. As the AC is a charity section of a music hall, they wanted it to fit the rest of their branding.

The idea behind my logo design was to make the logo in keeping with their current branding, but also to show creativity and humanisation through the coloured lines, which represent the creative charity work they do. The C becomes a mouth and the brush strokes and notes are singing pouring out. Below are examples to show it in one colour which may sometimes be necessary on small print items and on a T-shirt as they mentioned it would be used on T-shirts. This is a proposed design, as far as I’m aware no logo has been chosen yet.